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How did it get to be Monday again?

Sheesh, where did the weekend go? Monday again, yuck. Watched Blade II yesterday on DVD (cheers, NetFlix). I've been in a shiny-but-vacuous movie sort of mood, of late. But hey, they're all fitting for the season. This last bunch has all suffered from a huge dearth in decent scripts. Is all the money going into the flashy EFX so the production companies have to cut corners on the screenplay? Apparently.

Writing Stuff:

Got my sales fix today! Sold my short story "Perfidious Beauty" to the Embark to Madness anthology. Rah!

And, because the universe wants to keep me humble, also received an 11-day "There's nice writing here, but--" from JJA of F&SF, a 3-day reject from Lenox Ave, and a spinal injury-inducing 1-day "doesn't meet our present needs" from Surreal. *wince*

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