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Sunday, skunk-induced insomnia

I guess technically it's not insomnia. Hobkin woke me from a deep and restful slumber at 6, hungry and insistent about breakfast NOW NOW NOW. After having my head walked over a second time, I dragged myself up mumbling fanciful threats of impending skunk stew and fed him. While he snarfed down his feast of bell pepper, cucumber, and bok choy, I got on the computer to check my email, which turned into reading my friends list, and I haven't tried going back to sleep yet. I suspect I'll aspire to slumber before too long which will be the telling moment of insomnia versus merely an early AM rude awakening.

Saw Richard II at the Shakespeare Tavern last night. I'm just not a huge fan of the histories. It was one of the (if not the) best production of R2 I've ever seen, but it still didn't float my socks. Once again, I must applaud the Tavern for being able to bring Shakespeare alive with humor (even in a downer like R2) and excellent directorial vision. And yet, meh.

Also watched Van Helsing on DVD. That movie doesn't hold up to serious re-watching. It's pretty, but the plot holes and wretched writing become more pronounced with repetition. I think that film will be relegated to "background" status in the future.
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