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Monday AM coffee break

Just got confirmation from Corporate Travel for my itinerary for my training trip back to HDQ. It's getting to be old hat, these jaunts back. Still don't like 'em, but can't complain too much. Telecommuting from Georgia is just too sweet a benefit and at least when they send me back, they shack me up in a luxurious suite (complete with a fireplace and kitchen!) and I get to visit old friends.

Weekend was quite productive and enjoyable. There were many chores done, and the looming necessity of having to don black vinyl fun-wear as my only clean clothes option for work has been unloomed.

Monday mornings are never great, but this is my short week, so I've only got to hang on until Thursday, and then it's a three-day weekend. Huzzah.

I keep wondering if I should switch from my current 9/80 week to a 4x10. Except the appeal of having a three-day weekend every week instead of just every other week is mitigated by having to work ten hour days. Hrumph. Will continue pondering--undoubtedly indefinitely and will thereby just keep on keeping on with my current schedule.

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