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Friday Yay

Hurray for Friday! It's been a long week.

Hobkin's winter coat is coming in, I think. He's feeling softer and sleeker, although he's still blowing his coat all over the place. At least he's loosing far fewer of his long, coarse tail hairs; it's mostly the short undercoat fuzz that's littering our house now. I think he's also beginning to put on his cold weather pudge. That would certainly explain the ravenous "feed me now" behavior that seems to have gripped him of late.

Slept a LOT last night trying to catch up on lost slumber. It sorta worked. Didn't feel like my eyes were weighted with coins this morning.

Writing Stuff:

Got a call from Nathan of Scrybe Press! Editors are calling me. On the phone and everything. Oooo. 'Course Matthew's been hogging the phone and hasn't been setting it in its cradle to recharge, so mid-way through the conversation, Nathan's voice begins cutting out. Sigh. How embarrassing.

But we got the last details on the contracts for "Still My Beating Heart" and "Inspirations End" hammered out before the phone gods intervened. He's going to write it up and send me the finalized copy. And we discussed Nathan's vision on how to lay the chapbook out as a flipbook. He's going to pad the shorter of the two stories with ads and my author's bio etc. at the end, to fill up the extra pages to the middle. Coolness!

This week's Sci-Fiction story was late being posted. I saw yesterday that it had gone up (a new story is supposed to go up every week on Wednesday). And it's a novella, woof. Due to that sleep-catching-up thing I haven't finished my review for Tangent yet. I plan to do that tonight or tomorrow at the latest. On that note, I finally got an email from my editor. He's swamped with work (80-hour weeks!), and is therefore a bit slow with the Tangent updates, but at least I know he's alive and kicking out there.
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