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Thursday Yuck

Instead of writing, I've been spending my free time fiddling with my website and converting my bibliography to CSS tab navigation pages. It was getting too big to put on a single page (yay!), so I initially broke it down into fiction and non-fiction pages, but I wasn't happy with that either. CSS to the rescue. My first effort, while looking lovely using IE, crashed and burned on Safari and Firefox browsers. My second effort appears to be working in Firefox now, but dude_the, my Safari browser tester, is offline until the weekend. Fooie.

If anyone out there is using a non-IE/Mozilla browser--Safari, Opera, Netscape, etc.--I'd greatly appreciate it if you could surf over to my Bibliography page and let me know if the tabs are showing up properly!

I think Hobkin is feeling the season and it's making him restless. These last two nights he's been very active, making it hard for me to sleep. He starts fussing about his midnight snack at 10, hopping up and down beside me to snuggle for a minute, and just as I've fallen into a light doze, hopping down to check to see if the food fairy had arrived yet (and thereby waking me). In the morning he wakes up at 5ish wanting his breakfast, a good two hours before his usual breakfast time (and a good hour+ before my alarm goes off), and pesters me to feed him.

My sleep has not been so good.

Writing Stuff:

I ended up with something like thirty-eight critiques from Critters. And the rewrite is done and it's out. Bon voyage little story! But I'm so behind in writing my thank you notes. Something to do this weekend, I guess.

Heard back from Nathan. He's cool with my suggestion of printing "Inspirations End" and "Still My Beating Heart" as a double feature chapbook. Both stories are in the 5K range, and I thought packaging these two together would be nifty, both being vampire stories--especially since "Inspirations End" is a reprint. Nathan suggested he print it flipbook style with the second book printed upside-down in the second half. That would be super spiffy 'cause it would mean I'd get two "front" covers with the resultant artwork. Except the stories aren't the same length. And since the chapbooks are staple-bound, I'm uncertain how it would turn out with the stories not breaking exactly in the middle.
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