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Tuesday Yuck

Had coffee with my tea today. That's a lot of liquid stimulation. Too much, apparently. Ended up with a painless but annoying tic under my left eye. *twitch* Perhaps I need to see about getting some magnesium supplements. Or, I could cut back on the caffeine. Decisions, decisions.

Writing Stuff:

Received a 48-day rejection from Strange Horizons and a whiplash-inducing 1-day rejection from NFG. Ouch, the smarting. It burns! It burns!

Also finally had a chance to go over the contracts Nathan sent me. I need a little gadget that will translate legal writerly jargon for me. Once the terminology gets to a certain (obfuscating) point, my head starts to do one of those Exorcist spins. My brain is in some weird ass sailor's knot now. Fine for tying up floating vehicles, but not so good for cogitating.

Thirty-one critiques from Critters and counting. I need a new statistics generating system. I consistently get thirty to forty crits these days. Not that I'm complaining, but that many overwhelms my current system.

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