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Mondays Yuck

Having pronounced shortness of breath issues again. Inhaler isn't doing squat except for increasing my heart rate so I feel dizzy and light-headed in addition to short of breath. Lovely.

Had weird dreams last night of being late or under prepared for a major exam. I hate those. Where are they coming from and why can't I solve the underlying anxiety which is spawning them? Stupid psyche.

Writing Stuff:

Received a 30-day rejection from Interzone with invite to send more. Out it goes again. No reply from either LCRW or Talebones to queries. One of the stories I've got at Cricket is cresting toward its 100-day mark, always a good sign. But it could be another month+ before I hear anything. I think I'm beginning to jones for another sale. And, of course, there's no USPS today because of Columbus Day. I need to grow a new patience. My old one is worn to the nubbins.

26 critiques so far on Critters on my current offering. The feedback I'm getting is across the board. There's been lots of conflicting opinions, much more so than usual, as well as more than a significant number of people saying "this ain't horror, this is fantasy." (I'm thinking people are fixating a bit much on that little letter indicator.) Aside from some line-edits, I haven't gotten anything really zingy that makes me inclined to make larger changes. For the readers that it worked for, it seems to have really worked for them. For the ones that it didn't, I don't think there's anything I can do without utterly remaking the story that would please them. I'm aiming to get this to market by Wednesday or Thursday.

500 or so new words on the Halloween story. I've missed the deadline of my writers group for the Shelley challenge, but I'm hoping to still get this story wrapped up. Except I seem to be losing control of it. Blah.

My Tangent editor, once again, appears to me MIA. Three weeks have gone by and he hasn't published my last couple Sci-Fiction reviews. *grumble*

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