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Leading Edge #48

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Leading Edge #48 (the Oct. 2004 issue) with my novelette "Of Two Minds in Lanais" is out! I love the cover art for this issue!

Sir Bunny Vs. The Wockwurm, by Ursula Vernon

Can't wait to receive my contrib. copies . . . and check.

To Matthew's dismay, I totally disappeared into Incubus Dreams last night. So far, it's been Anita relationship issues with secondary characters that haven't really interested me all that much in the past. There was an initial foray into her crime-fighting life, but that has gotten fairly short shrift thus far. Waiting to see if it picks up. I mean, I like the hot and heavy stuff, but I'm missing the horror/murder mystery plots that always framed it. It's reading like dark erotica right now, which is fun, but if I wanted to read erotica, I'd pick up some erotica.
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