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Much Ado and Fifth Element

Went to the Shakespeare Tavern last night to see Much Ado About Nothing. Again, I'm awed by the excellent directing and interpretation these folks manage to pull off. It was the best Much Ado I've ever seen, and I'm a vociferous fan of the Kenneth Branagh movie version. I laughed so hard I got a side cramp.

I really needed that. Good fun.

Then came home and watched The Fifth Element courtesy NetFlix. It seems to be a movie that holds up better to repeat viewing. Chris Tucker's character didn't annoy me as much as the first time I saw the movie. And Milla Jovovich continues to be an orange-hued hottie.

Had weird dreams involving zombies which resulted in not-very-restful sleep. I've got a sort of jittery, red-eyed feeling going on. Not the most relaxing of weekends.

Also picked up my new glasses yesterday. My eyes are getting progressively worse. It's such a relief being able to see clearly again, but I'm worried that I've needed a stronger prescription every year. Can't write (or program) without my eyes. Wish there was a way to input and output information in a manner that didn't cause eye strain.

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