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Taking out a hit on Morpheus

Yesterday I slept for nearly twelve hours. Last night, I couldn't fall asleep, and then when I did, I promptly woke up a mere five and a half hours later. If averaged together, that's two good night's sleep, but it sure doesn't feel anything remotely related to "good."

Stupid dysfunctional circadian rhythms.

Writing Stuff:

Mailed off the signed contracts to Realms. Apparently, they pay "on acceptance" rather than "on publication," which is totally sweet. I can expect a nice, fat check from them in the next couple months. That goes a long way to making up for their oftentimes lengthy response times, at least in my book. The contracts seemed to imply that both "The Storyteller's Wife" and "Returning My Sister's Face" would be in the Feb. 2005 issue. *blink* I wonder if that's a typo. "Storyteller's Wife" is a novelette and "Sister's Face," while still comfortably in "short story" range, isn't exactly short clocking in at 6.3K.

Regardless, I'm thrilled that I'll be between their covers so soon. Soon, of course, being defined relatively in this biz.

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