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Middle of the week blah

Watched the 30-second bunnies, Stuntcocks, and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra last night. The Lost Skeleton was especially appreciated by Matthew's college buddy, as he's a Biology Professor. All the "science" jokes had him rolling with laughter. Rawr.

Writing Stuff:

Forty-eight critiques. Wow. Forty-eight. Gleep. The re-write's almost done. I don't think I can pare away too many more words. But I'm willing to let it sit for a month or so while I wait for something to clear out of the Cricket slush.

Started a new fantasy story. I don't think I intend this one for children, although I've surprised myself before. About 1000 words so far. Doing some research on China's Tang dynasty in order to get a good feel for the trapping of that era.

Also started writing my review of this week's Sci-Fiction story. Having a hard time getting into both the review and the story--undoubtedly not coincidentally.

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