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Stalker alert

I debated whether or not I should post this, as I'm still hoping the problem will just go away, but decided in light of new information I've discovered, that I'd post it with a "friend's only" lock.

The LJ user abdulsharif is stalking me. I have reported him to the LJ abuse folks, and am awaiting their response.

On Monday, 7/22/2002, this individual was apparently trolling through LJ and happened upon my journal. He then proceeded to post an insulting reply.

mouseferatu posted a reply, coming to my defense, as did I. We both banned him from our respective LJs, and I disabled anonymous posting.

He then went to mouseferatu's LJ and posted anonymous abuse there, but Mouse tracks IP addresses and was able to identify abdulsharif as the poster. (Mouse deleted the offending post, but you can read about the lengths that abdulsharif went to from Mouse's comments on my LJ.)

Since then, abdulsharif has identified what LJ communities I'm a member of from either my journal or my user info. He surfed the fantasm community until he found a comment that I had responded to. It wasn't even a main thread so it would seem that he was hunting for something from me. He then proceeded to post more abuse, including vague accusations of plagiarism. (Of what, I have no idea.) I have contacted yakdog, the moderator of the fantasm community and he has since deleted the offending post.

abdulsharif also got my homepage URL from my user info and posted more abuse on my guestbook.

Please keep in mind that until this week, I didn't even know this guy existed.

As soon as the LJ abuse folks have given me the all clear, I'm deleting the nastygrams he's posted on my LJ and my website's guestbook.

I discovered today that I am not the only person whom abdulsharif has stalked and harrassed on LJ. xxsuigenerisxx posted a heartfelt thank you to her LJ friends on her journal, and abdulsharif accused her of plagairising it, which of course, is completely ridiculous. She thanked her friends, with her words, from her experience with them. He then tracked her LJ friends and went to delphizyx and posted more defammatory, libelous comments about xxsuigenerisxx there.

This person is a stalker. He's displaying classic obsessive behavior. He's also an asshole. May his testicles become leprous and his penis fall off.

Thanks for listening, y'all.

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