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Skunks are not considerate bedfellows

Hobkin was disinclined to sleep early this AM. And he was disinclined to let me sleep either. There was much walking over me, hopping up beside me and then immediately wanting down, and then when I didn't move over for him, much pawing at my head. Not the best way to start off the week.

Writing Stuff:

Up to Thirty-two critiques on "The Tanuki-Kettle." Yow. And it's only Monday. Two more days to go. At this rate, I might top forty again. Can't really run stats on that many so I'm rewriting as I go through the critiques. I've managed to hack it down to 2900 words, which is still 900 more than Cricket's GL maximum. I've sold a story just shy of 2.5K to them before, so I hope they'll cut me some slack, but I do realize it's a lot of slack I'm asking for.

The next WotF quarter begins next month. With my two RoF sales, plus "Running on Two Legs" coming out in the next issue of The Third Alternative, I don't think I can send anything to them anymore. *sniffle* The end of an era and a milestone. If I don't win with the two entries they've currently got (for this quarter and last), it looks like that's a feather I'll never get to wear in my hat. Not holding my breath on either of the stories, so I'm pretty much resigning myself to the cold, hard fact that I don't seem to write stories that are winners with them. They'll throw me quarter- and semi-finalist bones, but I'm destined never to make the money round. Foo.

And my eBook of Ascendancy of Blood is now the #4 Fantasy Bestseller at Fictionwise! It's preceded by two Terry Brooks eBooks, and one by Keith R.A. DeCandido! Yippee skipee!
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