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And Ivan whirls ever closer. Or friend, Patrick, lives in New Orleans. Haven't heard from him about his evacuation plans. I hope he's not planning on trying to sit it out. His city is below sea level, for godsakes. I've emailed him to let him know that our home is open to him as a storm refuge. Anxiously waiting to hear back. I hope he's already left. I hope I hope I hope.

It's been quite a year for storms. (Am I wallowing in understatements or what?)

Writing Stuff:

Heard from Nathan, my Scrybe Press editor, that the eBook of Ascendancy of Blood is #15 on the Fantasy bestsellers list at, ranking it above George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords. Oooo.

Got an email from the editor of the Carnifex Press Revenants anthology that they're holding my submission for the next round. Coolness. And, as a counterbalance, I received a 124-day reject from the Borderlands 6 anthology.

Also wrote my review of the three-part Sci-Fiction novella and sent it to my editor at Tangent.

And Andrew deems me a pro! My story "The Tanuki-Kettle" got bumped up the Critters queue to this week's offerings. Neato.

I didn't put any author's notes on it regarding what audience age I'd intended this for. Curious to see if people will notice and comment that it seems written for youngsters. After some consideration, I really do think it's more appropriate for Cricket rather than Cicada. I'm going to try to lop off a couple hundred words (oof), and bring it down to 3K, then send it to my Cricket editor and hope. The worst she could do is say "too long! No." Now the trick is to get it down to 3K . . .
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