Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

Too much tea, not enough coffee

Glah. Drinking a lot of (uncaffinated) herbal tea is not at all beneficial after a bout of insomnia. Screw the decaf, gimme some coffee!

Writing stats:

I had three, or was it four more critiques of "Running" trickle in from Critters after I mailed off my final draft to a market. No biggie, the macro comments had been made in the previous critiques, except the very last one found a leetle, bitty, itty-eenie typo that all of the 24 or so previous critters (and myself after a gazillion read throughs and my first reader on his two passes) had missed. AGGGHHH!!

It's tiny. I dropped a letter in the middle of the name of one of my secondary characters. It doesn't impact the story and odds are the editors/first reader won't even notice. But . . . dammit. Fume.

Better news:
2500 words into "Two Minds." I actually outlined this one (*gasp* high fantasy and outlined! What is the world coming to?) It's likely that it'll crest into novelette length as well. Hmm. I'm writing longer works recently. Wonder why.

Pet the muse. Nice muse. Would musey like a cookie? NO, she'd fucking like some coffee! NOW!

Eep. You heard the lady.

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