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Up to eyeballs in skunk fuzz

When I said a few months ago that it was skunk shedding season, I had no idea. I swear, it seems like Hobkin hit the EJECT button on his coat. He's fooffing out his undercoat and his long, coarse tail hairs. Everywhere in the house there's billowing tumbleweed-esque balls of downy, white fur, punctuated by handfuls of long tail hair. Only twenty-four hours after a thorough vacuuming and there is, once again, fur everywhere. I'd say I couldn't wear black, but since so much of my wardrobe is black, I really can't omit it completely. So I'm just wandering around in public looking like I've waded through a swamp of white fuzz. Sheesh.

On a heartening note, he looks sleeker these days, like he's lost some weight. I wonder how much fur weight he was trundling around with last December?

Writing Stuff:

Did a once over of my folkish story to bring it to first draft, and sent it up the Critters queue. Emboldened by my recent Realms of Fantasy sales, I asked Andrew if I qualified yet as pro enough to get a bump up the queue. I await his response with bated breath.

The last segment of the three-parter on Sci-Fiction is due up tomorrow, so I've started on the current story: "Left of the Dial" by Paul Witcover. I usually prefer to review as I read, making comments and jotting down notes as they occur to me. Because of that, I typically strive to finish a story in a single sitting that I'm reviewing. But Witcover's story is a novella, and I'm not on a Caribbean cruise this time, with endless hours to languish with my laptop, overlooking the ocean. Pook.

Beginning to get twitchy on the response time front. Thinking about querying LCRW which has had a story of mine since May, and IROSF, just to make sure they received my cyberpunk article. *twitch*
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