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Taking on dimension

I feel less flattened today. Amazing what crashing out for twelve hours straight can do to a person's disposition. I even had the fortitude to update the Daily Dragon Online with some last minute articles, the Art Show Awards, and the Hall Costume Contest Winners. Go me.

More articles, pictures, and pagmatic's cartoons to be added as they trickle in.

Mostly caught up on my recent Friends List reading. Can't possibly catch up on all the time I missed, so if something happened over the D*C weekend that I should know about, drop me a line, plez!

Writing Stuff

Received a form reject from Chronicle Picture Books. Humph.

Want to go over my cute folkish tale again, but I think it's getting close to ready for Matthew to first reader.

Might be a good weekend for writing. *knocks on pressed particle board*

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