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So busy I can't believe I'm taking the time to make this LJ entry. Gearing up big-time for Dragon*Con. Had a very aggravating thing happen last night. Heard from one of my staff that she wasn't working D*C this year. Talk about last minute notice! I didn't think I could fill her spot by convention time, so I was frantically rethinking my painstakingly synchronized desk schedule.

But, as fortune had it, I got a note from the volunteer coordinator today. Due to staff cuts in other departments (sorry, tk0667), there was a staffer adrift who expressed an interest in working for me and he stepped into the gaping need. Welcome tanglered!

Got the majority of Thursday's pre-con hardcopy Daily Dragon issue laid out. It can't be finalized until I get the deluge of schedule changes received and entered, but I'm pretty happy to have gotten this far ahead of the game. Also updated the online template and created a brand new one for the hardcopy. Hoping to streamline the publication process this year. Otherwise, I will need a holiday to recover from my holiday.

Also made some updates to the behind-the-scenes parts of the website to get it prepped for convention action, and so I can hand it over to arkhamrefugee in something other than an embarrassing, chaotic mess.

Matthew and I have both been working dude_the like a dog. But Matthew's getting more of his time than I am, which makes me glower. Except I'm ahead of my hubby in the convention readiness arena, so I guess I can only glower so much.

They are still sending us boxes of swag. We got Sky Captain posters and cards. Glah. My dining room is layered in cardboard boxes AGAIN, dammit.

Lastly, my immune system appears to have rallied (or de-rallied, as the case may be) and halted my MCTD flare-up in it's initial stages before it could put me down and out for the count. *knocks on wood*

Writing Stuff:

Writing? What writing? Who has time to write?

Um, I did get a personal rejection from Andy Cox of Interzone, but at least it had a heartening invite to send more: "please continue to send us your stuff, which we very much look forward to reading."
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