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Bunny of the Month Club!

Ooo!! I want THIS. It's a "Bunny of the Month Club" with extremely twisted hand made bunnies (and bears and penguins). Oh I want it I want it I want it!

But, err, my birthday isn't for four months. Sigh.

Spent most of last night doing Daily Dragon prep: setting up templates, forms, fiddling with graphics, peering at my staff schedule, etc. Feeling pretty confident about being ready in time for the convention. Barring any unforeseen emergencies. Oh, wait, what am I talking about? It'll be chaotic and insane. Yup.

Writing Stuff:

Got the current SFWA Forum in the mail. Realized that since I had the contracts from Cricket (received in May even) for "When Shakko Did Not Lie," "Razi and the Sunbird," and "The Snow Woman's Daughter," I could have upgraded my SFWA membership from Associate to Active already. So, I filled out the web form and assembled my "proof of publication" documents and stuck the whole stack o'paper in the mailbox. As soon as the paperwork goes through, I'll be an Active member, able to vote in the Nebulas and everything! Woo!

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