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Pill oopsie

Did something incredibly careless the other day. I've got several prescription meds I take daily to keep all of my physiological aggravations under a semblance of control. Normally I take them religiously with my breakfast in two gulps. I downed the first set, reached for the second, and noticed that I was one pill less than I thought I ought to be. I figured I'd grabbed an extra pill in the first swallow, no biggie.

Low grade fever, aches, minor joint pain, and fatigue ensued, classic signs of one of my Lupus/MCTD flare-ups. I didn't think anything of it as I've been logy for a while, and my meds have been doing an excellent job of keeping me on an even keel. I thought I was just tired. Then I discovered the pill I thought I hadn't taken, but assumed I had, had rolled underneath my keyboard. I must have knocked it with my hand and not noticed. It was my Imuran pill, the one I take in concert with Prednisone to keep my stupid immune system from attacking me. Except I'm being weaned off the Pred, taking only a single, measly milligram a day, not enough to hold the fort without the Imuran riding shotgun. Ergo, the beginning of a flare-up.

Of course I immediately resumed my regular scheduled Imuran doses and I think my system is rallying. But I'm a little dismayed to discover how fragile my health equilibrium is that a single missed dose could throw me off.

AND, we got eight more boxes of promo stuff from Fed Ex--posters and postcards! ARGH!! Will the stream of boxes never end?

Writing Stuff:

My review of Sci-Fiction story, "Bulldozer" by Laird Barron is up at Tangent.

Heard via the Rumor Mill that there are other writers in the waiting-for-a-response-from-LCRW boat, so I'm glad I didn't query yet. Waiting is.

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