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Had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist today. Same ole same ole. Amazingly enough, traffic was actually not terrible.

Writing Stuff:

- Mailed my A-OK note off to my Cricket editor as well as a requested author's note to suffix the story. 186 more words at a quarter a word is another $46.50. I love these folks!
- Sent a query off to Carina and heard back from her that, while she had plucked my second story from the last batch of slush out for further consideration, she decided it really wasn't a RoF story. BFoD is on the way. Oh well, it still means I've got two pieces on Shawna's desk.
- Did a major overhaul on the story that languished at The Strand for a year and a half, and in the process lopped off 1.8K words! Woof. I hadn't looked at it since I sent it to them and I found a lot of good cuts. Out it goes again, hopefully sleeker, smoother, and more attractive to editors.
- And ooo! I heard on the Rumor Mill that Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue #14 with my story "Body and Soul Art" is out! Can't wait to see my contrib. copy (and get paid)!
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