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Hungry Hobkin, Dragon*Con, and Cricket SALE!

My wing stubs didn't hurt today! Hurray!

But this morning was rough on the sleeping front, due in large part to an insistent fuzz beast whose internal clock claimed adamantly it was breakfast time a good two hours before it actually was, and for that matter, before I needed to wake up. I can't count the number of times Hobkin clambered up beside me, pawed at my head (thereby waking me), and then hopped down to pace in front of his food tray . . . loudly. Oof. Bloodshot eyes and frayed nerves, that's me.

Updated the Daily Dragon website and wrote up staff handouts, as well as schedule change request and announcement request forms. Definitely getting in gear for Dragon*Con.

Practiced my opening talk for Ann's Workshop. Needs some work yet, but I'm getting there.

Writing Stuff:

I SOLD my folk tale "Li T'ien and the Demon Nian" to Cricket! Woohoo! Got me my sales fix!

And to deflate my sails, also in the mailbox:
- A 9-day "there's nice writing here but . . . " from JJA of F&SF. Sigh. I remember once upon a time getting alases from GVG. Out it goes again.
- A form "no" from The Strand after 535 days, without even an apology for the long wait. Grrr.
- 30-day personalized "not quite right for us" from Stanley Schmidt of Analog with invite to send more.

But, to end on a "yay" note, I also got a lovely fan email from an aspiring writer who discovered my blog. They said they were inspired by my ramblings to join Critters and to start submitting their stories to markets. They also bought a copy of Ascendancy of Blood. It really made my day.

In other news:
- The new issue of came out sans my "Subgenre Spotlight on Cyberpunk" article. No word from the editor on whether they liked it yet. *fret fret fret*
- Carina's back from her vacation and I still have yet to receive a BFoD from my second story that was in the previous RoF batch. Might I *gasp* actually have had two stories forwarded to Shawna from that batch, bringing my total waiting on her desk for her attention to three? Oh my. I shall, of course, query Carina, because she is the coolest, nicest slush reader evar.
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