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Last Dragon*Con director's meeting, Happy Birthday Matthew!

It's Matthew's birthday today! Happy Birthday to my hubby. I made him a chocolate cream pie (his favorite), and there's a nice pile of prezzies waiting for him to ooo and ahhh over. I used some of the promo posters to wrap them . . .

The last Dragon*Con director's meeting was yesterday. Much fun, and the convention fed us again. I grabbed a whole yellow bell pepper, an apple, and a banana from the buffet table to bring home to mollify Hobkin with. Got a chance to gab and/or wave at dire_epiphany, astralfire, fingerman, and tk0667. Also managed to unload about nine of the countless boxes of promo posters, and a box of The Grudge hats. Woohoo! I will get my dining room back . . . eventually.

Hmm. Matthew just came wandering out. Appears he's insomniac, the poor thing. Going to go keep him company until he falls back asleep.

Writing Stuff:

My (tentative) schedule as a guest for Dragon*Con:
"Marketing Short Fiction" Fri. 11AM (Ann Crispin's Workshop)
"So You Want to Write a Kid's Book" Fri. 4PM (YA Lit. Track)
"The Roots of Science Fiction and Fantasy" Sat. 2:30 (YA Lit. Track)
"Is it Horror?" Sat. 8:30PM (Writers Track)

I also asked the director of the Writers Track if I could glomp onto the "Transylvania Twist" panel at 7PM on Saturday. That one's about vampire fiction, and I figure it'd be a good panel for me because well, I write vampire fiction and I've got a vampire chapbook to hawk. Plus it's right before my other Writers Track panel so I could just sit in the same room. Convenient.
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