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Falling behind on chores

I really need to do the laundry. Actually, I needed to do it last week. This morning, while getting ready for work, I seriously considered how well my co-workers would handle it if I showed up in a black vinyl corset and mini-skirt. It was that or a pastel print blouse that makes me look like an 80's reject in the Barbie and Ken world (it was a gift from well-meaning, but fashion defunct, relatives). Plus I think they'd handle the vinyl better than the French Maid ensemble.

Routine maintenance chores are getting a bit of the shaft while Matthew's convalescing. Hmm. Weekend looks like a big time for housework. Blick.

But, on an up note, handling my con-wear reminded me that I'm so looking forward to Dragon*Con. I'm missing the feel of vinyl and corseting and stiletto boots. My fetish fix from fantasm is fading fast (whoa, check out the alliteration!)

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