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Okay, meditation helps while I'm meditating. But as soon as I stop, the pain and breathing distress returns. And I can't go around with my eyes shut, crossed-legged, focusing on my breathing all day! Stupid wing stubs.

In continued irritation news, the lock on Hobkin's enclosure broke yesterday. It's the fourth one that's done so. While I think Rover Gate makes a great product in general, their clasps suck. With repeated use, the plastic gets fatigued and snaps in half. Right now, we're "locking" his little door shut by a twist tie. It won't hold for long if he works at it, but we're hoping that he doesn't realize the lock is broken and equates "closed door" with "locked door." At least until our order of a new set of Rover Gate clasps arrives. I keep telling myself that I need to brainstorm a better locking mechanism and pick up something the next time we're at Home Depot, but instead, we end up buying more RG clasps. It's planned obsolescence, I sez! Pffft.

Also received an email from my mother. Her and my step-dad (that's feeling more natural as time passes . . . huh), are going to be in the states in a couple months and will be swinging by Atlanta for a weekend. I actually think it'll be fun seeing them again.

Writing Stuff:

- Had five more crits of "Masques of Love" come in this morning, bringing my total to twenty, the perfect number to run stats on. Read and mulled over these last ones, made my final tweaks and sentence-level adjustments, and it's out.
- Received a reply to my query from Borderlands 6: "We got it. Thanks!" Huh. Well, it's exactly the information I asked for. Guess I can't complain. Does that mean I made the short list? Hope hope hope.

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