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Woofer 0, Hobkin 1

Watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, of which I have to say: "RAWR!" Laughed myself loopy. People must see it. Go. Shoo!

Woke up this morning before my alarm went off. Hobkin was nestled beside me, snoring and snuffling occasionally, so I thought it safe to wrap him up in the blanket, and sneak off to shower. After all, Matthew was right there. He'd wake up if Hobkin started getting into mischief, right?

Wrong. Very very wrong. While I was in the bathroom, getting ready for work, Hobkin apparently woke up and decided, since I was absent and Matthew was asleep, that meant it was open season on everything he knows would merit many "bad skunk!" and "no!"s. I was getting out of the shower when I heard a loud *thump* in the living room. Hair dripping and half-wrapped in damp towel, I ran out to investigate, and immediately found a pile of black foam/sponge bits on the floor, and a guilty-faced skunk standing over them. He'd been very industrious, ripping one of our speakers, the woofer, to shreds. He'd pried off the front screen part, and was busily tearing out the inner foam section that encircles the sound box when I intruded. I suspect the woofer is now an ex-speaker, but we haven't yet confirmed it. Sigh.

And, my wingstubs really hurt.

Writing Stuff:

- 700 words on the new SF story. Rah.
- Did another Critters review.
- Making good progress on the rewrite of "Caught Between." The overall consensus is that the title is a dud. Dammit. Brainstorming in progress for a new one.
- Saw on the Borderlands 6 website that they're reading submissions from 5/27. I sent them something on 5/13 and haven't received a rejection yet. Does that mean I might have made it onto the short list? Or that email gremlins have eaten my submission en route? To query or not to query? Dammit.
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