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Monday doldrums

Monday again. Yuck. Major motivation issues, even with a large pot of green tea as encouragement. I seem to be having some general initiative issues of late. Must engage ass in gear . . . wingstubs ache too, which isn't remotely helpful.

Writing Stuff:

- Story Station paid me for "Second Daughter", yay!
- My review of "The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid" by Walter Jon Williams is up at Tangent.
- The critiques of "Caught Between" continue to trickle in. Started on my rewrite. Hope to have it out the door by Thursday. Maybe Friday.
- Completed my synopsis for Nathan of Scrybe Press and sent it off.
- Wrote a couple critiques for
- Replied to Ann Crispin about guest speaking at her workshop. Still get the jitters thinking about it, so I'm encouraging a personal state of denial until I need to plan out what I'm going to say. And sent her a market-listing handout for her students.
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