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Skunk mating season?

Is it skunk mating season? Hobkin has been positively wild this last week. And he keeps rubbing his chin and face on the wall corners, marking his territory. I actually dosed him with Rescue Remedy this morning, he was so frenzied. First he started trying to tear the speaker screens off, then he tried to wrestle open the printer cabinet, and finally he got a hold of a dangling computer cord which I only managed to retrieve from him with some difficulty. What's so funny is he's like a Jekyll and Hyde fuzzy. He's all sweet and loving in the evening when he wants to snuggle. What a silly, exasperating beastie!

Writing Stuff:

Four critiques on "Caught Between a Twofold Way" from Critters. So far, people quite like the story, but, err, not the title. Sigh. And I thought I was being so clever with the re-titling. But I'm very glad the story is being well received, especially after the trouncing Matthew gave the zero draft.

1100 words on the new SF piece. Yay, wordage!
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