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Clonazepam and writing.

Only took a little Clonazepam this weekend. Broke a .5 mg pill in half, and took .25 mg. It seems to have worked in that I wasn't zoned the morning after. Although my wing stubs are still protesting. But they're protesting in less strident voices.

Writing Stuff:

72-day personal reject from Abyss & Apex with request to see more. Damn.

All stories that have returned with their tails tucked have received pep talks and been booted back out.

One of the submissions I have at Cricket has just crested the 100-day mark, which is always a promising sign with these folks. My story at RoF that Carina pulled from the slush has made its way to Shawna. And more twitching and nail gnawing shall commenceth. That's two of my stories under round two consideration there. I know the publishing biz isn't a numbers game, but I can't help being hopeful that this increases my chances that at least one of them will appeal.

Work progresses on the cyberpunk article. Non-fiction is so much easier to write than fiction. Although I am experiencing a decidedly collegiate déjà vu sensation. And I'm getting very annoyed with how pretentious all the essays I'm finding on Postmodernism are. There's this tendency to dance around anything that remotely might be a definition or theme, making for huge expanses of gibberish I have to wade through.

The Tangent snafu appears to have been cleared up, and my editor has returned from his sojourn to the mystic pit of vanishing. My reviews of Sci-Fiction stories "The Anatomist's Apprentice" and "Volunteers" has joined "Jumpers" in the recently published list.

Wrote a critique for Critters (for your story canadiansuzanne).

Did a vanity Google search and discovered a new review of Ascendancy of Blood at a site called, whimsically enough, Yet Another Book Review Site:

"Just when readers think nothing new can be done to an old fable, along comes Foster. She reinvents sleeping beauty. Her take entertains and her twist, surprises . . . A fast, horror read that will surprise fable lovers."
--Christina Francine Withcher

A glowing review makes Eugie happy.

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