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Vet visit, weekend fun

Took Hobkin to the vet for his shots. He growled at everyone (except me, whom he clung to with every fuzzy fiber of his being), and huffed whenever anyone touched him. Poor little guy really doesn't like vet visits. Fortunately, Debbie, Hobkin's godmother, was there to assist (she works at our vet's). He likes her and will tolerate great indignities if she's holding him.

He's lost a little weight--hurray! But the vet said he could stand to loose more--boo! But aside from that, he got a clean bill of health. Hurray!

Going to head over to dire_epiphany and astralfire's place to hang after lunch. Good company and relaxed atmosphere sounds like heaven.

Writing Stuff:

Received the contract from Leading Edge and learned that "Of Two Minds in Lanais" is slated for issue #48, October 2004. That's the very next one. Yay!

Also swung by the library and picked up some cannon cyberpunk books to read. Going to Netflix some of the few cannon cyberpunk movies I haven't seen yet. Had an interesting experience at the library. Their online system said they had a book I wanted--an anthology--but when we went to the stacks, we couldn't find it. Engaged a helpful librarian in the hunt, with limited success. She wondered, since it was a collection of short stories, if it had been filed in the 800s in non-fiction (non-fiction??), since apparently that's where short stories go. But then Matthew had the epiphany to look in the wrong place for it. And yup, there it was, filed not under editor, but under title. Yikes. If Matthew hadn't been the clever thing he is, that book would have been lost in the stacks forever.

Voracious reading to commence.
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