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Wings and writing

Wing stubs very painful. Seriously considering spending this weekend in a clonazepam haze. Ow.

Watched Sex, Lies, and Videotape last night. I liked James Spader in Secretary better.

Writing Stuff:

94-day "Although your work has great potential, we must regrettably decline" from NFG.
63-day personal "not for us" from Space & Time.
69-day "nicely done, and well conceived but . . . " from Brutarian.

Oof. Not a good day.

At the suggestion of JJA of F&SF (!), I've started researching a subgenre spotlight article for the Internet Review of Science Fiction on cyberpunk. He saw a discussion I had with Ellen Datlow (!) on the Tangent newsgroup, and sent me an email saying that since I seemed knowledgeable on the subject, I should write this essay and submit it to IROSF. AND he said I could tell the editor he referred me.

I'm still dealing with the fact that I had the temerity to actually engage in a discussion/debate with Ellen Datlow. And now JJA sends me an email saying I can use him as a referral. Eep. I feel like the smallest, wide-eyed upgrade in the circuitry bin.

So I queried John Frost, the editor person of IROSF and he's interested. Need to swing by the bookstore and/or library to shore up some of the gaps in my reading list repertoire. Making good inroads into the article.

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