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Too much caffeine

And again my sleep was off. It was Hobkin's turn to be restless last night. Every time I'd get settled, he'd decide he wanted down, and climb over me (waking me up in the process) before hopping to the floor. Then when I'd fallen back asleep, he'd decide he'd want snuggles and clamber up beside me, and wouldn't settle until I pet him--forcing me to wake up again. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

My eyes feel scoured by sand. Oof. Was he getting back at me for Monday night? Now there's a scary thought.

Ran out of herbal tea at work so grabbed some "Japanese Wild Cherry" tea from Teavana that we had lying around before heading in. Didn't realize that it was green tea and not herbal. So I had caffeinated tea with my caffeinated coffee. *twitch* There's a fine line between caffeine happiness and caffeine misery. I long jumped over it.

Writing Stuff:

I got a note from Carina! She's definitely passing my story from this batch of Realms of Fantasy slush to Shawna! Woohoo!

I also got Ann Crispin's and Victoria's Strauss' permission to post blurbs from their critiques of "Running on Two Legs" on my website. *preen*

On the writing progress front, my imagination has been captured by Persian Mythology. Currently reading a translation of The Book of Kings. I love ancient mythos.

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