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Headache still in evidence. But, showing that one can become accustomed to some very unpleasant things, I'm dealing with it by ignoring it. Seems to be working so far. Or else the headache is better than it was and I'm deluding myself. Probably the latter.

August will be my ten-year anniversary with the company I work for. As such, I got to pick out a 10-year gift from their catalog of stuff. I opted not to choose the various timepieces, the semi-precious jewelry, the kitchenware, or even the Panasonic DVD player. Instead, I got a set of solar-powered landscaping lights. They arrived last week and are very swank. So yesterday evening Matthew and I went out to set them up in our front yard. In order to ensure the greatest amount of sunlight exposure and therefore proper battery charging, we needed to do some pruning, or as I think of it, mangling. The ornamental flora around our house had grown a bit, err, uninhibited. It now looks like it's been savaged by a manic remedial barber student.

I absolutely hate outdoor work. Today I ache in unlikely places from wielding the trimmers and hammering in the light posts. Matthew assumed the role of downed branch removal because I'm pretty much allergic to the outdoors, and the less I'm in direct contact with it the better. Poor Matthew. We've got holly and blackberry shrubs out there, which are extremely pointy. He bled. I cursed. I hope not to have to do anything with that area again for a looong time.

Writing Stuff:

Wrote my review of Sci-Fiction's "Leviathan Wept" by Daniel Abraham for Tangent and emailed it to my editor. I have a sinking feeling that I've launched it into an abyss. Still nary a peep from him.

Did another pass through "Blind Love" which resulted in some judicious chopping. Culled less than 100 words, but they were good cuts, unlike the horticultural butchery engaged in earlier. Going to foist the thing on Matthew now.

Also wrote up a Critters critique for this week and did the final polish and shine of the second offering from the four-week Critters batch. This was a smaller rewrite than the previous one. Not sure if it's because it was a simpler story, it was more polished, or it was the second of the two and received less attention. Also compiled references and composed a cover letter for it. It's now waiting to go to Cricket.

Peeked at the RoF slush board. Carina's read one of the submissions of mine in this batch (of which there are two). Now I anti-wait for the BFoD with bated breath. Also, it's rounding the bend to 200 days on the story she passed to Shawna. My fingers are going to fuse crossed at this rate.

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