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We joined Netflix on their free 2-week trial. So far, I think they're a pretty slick outfit. Our first batch of DVDs: Calendar Girls, The Son of Frankenstein/The Ghost of Frankenstein, and The Triplets of Belleville. Watched Calendar Girls which we hadn't seen before, and The Ghost of Frankenstein (ah, the classics ) last night. This whole door-to-door DVD delivery thing, with no late fees even, is pretty nifty.

Calendar Girls was sweet, with scenes both charming, funny, and occasionally poignant. But it dragged a bit. I don't think there was enough story there for a full length movie.

The Dragon*Con staff meeting is today. Going to take many pills and hope that my head doesn't explode in the middle of it for that would be rude.

Writing Stuff:

Omnidawn has had a story of mine for nearly five and a half months with nary a peep. Probably ought to query them just to verify they received the thing and I haven't been waiting for a reply on a non-existent submission.

Didn't write anything new yesterday as I was busy watching DVDs from Netflix.

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