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A sick day for me

My headache is still in evidence, and it's turned into a harbinger of flu. Blah. Staying home today. Going to curl up on the couch with chamomile tea and court Mr. Sandman.

Writing Stuff:

In between naps, and riding the jitters from Sudafed, I managed 500 words on the "Island Love Story." It's done! It's raw, in dire need of a rewrite, but the story's down from start to finish. It logs in at a whooping 10K manuscript count (around 8.9K word processor count). This one's going to be a hard sell. But I'm at zero draft! Rah.

Also sold another reprint of "Second Daughter" to the new market Story Station. This is my second reprint sale of this story, my third sale of it total. Sweet.

I asked the editor when to expect a contract, and he said that they don't have contracts (!) and if that affected whether I wanted my story published by them to let him know immediately. I responded by emailing him a standard contract--almost identical to the one I wrangled up for the previous reprint sale actually--and asked him if he had any problems with it. I haven't heard back from him yet. I'm a little anxious, but I really do feel strongly about contracts, even if they're just simple, down-and-dirty ones. I would like this to work out, though, as there are so few children's lit markets.
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