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Yes, it's the fourth of July, cheers and clapping and all that. But was it really necessary to set off fireworks last night, so close to our house that it sounded like someone was thumping on our front door? Humph.

In better news, we went blackberry picking yesterday. Our first crop of the season:

We had berries and ice cream for dessert, Hobkin had several with his dinner, and we've got enough left over for several more desserts and snacking! Amazing quantity, considering we didn't plant them and aren't doing anything to encourage them. We just go out and pick. I did get poked something fierce by a set of brambles. The price one pays to the blackberry gods.

Watched The Italian Job--the 1969 version with Michael Caine, not the 2003 remake. I was disappointed. The middle dragged, and the characterization was flimsy. I found it incredibly tedious by the time it ended. I actually liked the remake better than the original, go fig. The remake took very little from the original, actually, which is probably just as well.

Plan to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today. Looking forward to it.

Also snapped a couple pictures of Hobkin under his hutch:

Writing Stuff:

1.3K on the "Island Love Story" which really needs a better title. Over the climax and into the denouement. Very close to the finish line. Needs a lot of clean-up before I even want Matthew to look at it, but I'm jazzed about being this close to "the end."

- "Enjoyed your use of cyberpunk atmosphere and accessories to tell a lively and fun story, but . . ." from Strange Horizons
- "We got it" confirmation postcard from Cricket Books on a query + three chapters.
- "No submissions. Return to Sender" from Chickadee on a submission. I wondered if they were still a viable market; their website hadn't been updated in a while. Wasted postage. Canadian postage, even. Dammit.
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