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Back ashore. It's a Monday.

Ugh. Set my alarm clock wrong; I appear to be out of the habit. Because of that snafu, I woke up late this morning. I scrambled, disheveled and tousled, into the office, whereupon I was confronted by a staggering 737 emails, of which only thirty were not spam.

Had a difficult time coping with the lack of an ocean view. Actually, I don't have any view whatsoever as I work in a cubicle sans window. And even if I had a window, it would only overlook the not-at-all-scenic parking lot. Pfft.

Hobkin, however, is glad we're all home. All yesterday he clung to me, only hopping down to use the bathroom. I'm sure he enjoys his stays with his godmother at "skunk camp." She pampers him with treats--crickets and cantaloupe!--and he gets to visit with her skunks. But he also missed us. Debbie informed us that Hobkin spent a lot of time activating his "talk" toy ball (the one that says "Good Hobkin, good Hobkin, good boy!" in my voice when jostled) over and over again. Hee! 'Cept I can't imagine why Debbie doesn't absolutely hate the sound of my voice by now.

I'm so behind on reading my LJ Friends List. I suspect I'll never get fully caught up on last week's entries. If something magnitudinous happened while I was gone, please bring it to my attention?

Writing Stuff:

Assembled the rejected stories from last week into submission packets and mailed them out. All of them were longer works (7-8K) too. My printer gave me a dirty look and chewed up an SASE envelope in protest. Plus, sending the batch cost me $9.24 in postage. Ouch. Granted, the majority of that is the one I sent to the U.K. Overseas postage is not my friend. I think I'm going to have to seriously reconsider sending anything hardcopy across any oceanic ponds, especially to Australian markets. I've been going over my USPS expenses and it's outrageously expensive to send snail mail to the Aussies.

Also sent my acknowledgement of their acceptance to Cricket for "Moon Lake."

Going through the Critters critiques. I've got thirty-four currently and this batch is still up for another week and a half. Woof. Starting on the rewrite on one of them. Think this one will be going to Cricket next week when it finally rolls off the queue and I've got it polished up to my satisfaction. Iron. Hot. Bap.

My muse is pouting at the change in scenery, but I suspect it won't be hard to cajole her out of her sulk.

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