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Clonazepam and Reprints

Took a Clonazepam last night for the first time in many weeks. Decided to try to nip the TOS pains early, before it gets excruciating. Stupid wing stubs. Now, I am most loopy. It should wear off in a bit, but considering helping it along with some nice coffee. Coffee . . . mmmmm.

Writing Stuff:

Received a rejection for a reprint of "Reign of the Wintergod," my second reprint rejection for this story. The annoying thing is that both times the editors said they loved it and definitely want to see more from me, but they didn't want "Wintergod" since "seeing as how it appeared in Victor's Asylum in 2003, we feel the massive exposure from that release" keeps them from buying it.

But the problem I have is, if the Asylum 3 was so popular, where the hell are my royalty payments? I have yet to see a penny for this story. And I think it's a good one, deserving of payment.

I think that pretty much cements it. I am no longer submitting to anthologies that pay only in a "cut of royalties" anymore. That seems to translate to "no pay."

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