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Cyrano de Bergerac, Atl. Film Fest, writing stuff

Watched Cyrano de Bergerac with Matthew. That play fills one of the topmost spots in my list of Things I Actually Liked That They Forced Me to Read in School, so I was quite delighted that the movie version was so well done. Much better than that atrocity Roxanne put out in later years with Steve Martin as the lead. Yuck.

This weekend is the Atlanta Film Festival. Matthew wants to attend a bunch of panels as a networking thingy for his Inde Film Track at Dragon*Con, but I'm not really interested. The screenplay readings one sounds like it might be fun, but the others are all about the nitty-gritty of movie making: directing, producing, funding, marketing, etc. I've got all my creative apples in my writing basket. While I certainly can appreciate the finished product, my interest in filmmaking is pretty much confined to potential screenplay adaptation possibilities. So I suspect it'll just be Hobkin and me for much of the weekend. Maybe I'll ply my muse with insane amounts of caffeine and sugar and see if I can't entice her to make an appearance. Prime opportunity to get plenty of writing done. Theoretically.

Or, I might put on a vacuous DVD or five, and vegetate on the couch.

In mundane day job news, I finished testing on a particularly persnickety program today that I've been working on for weeks. Whew. It's like having an anvil lifted off my chest!

Writing Stuff:

A pair of my folk tales are up for critique at Critters this week. Actually, this month. Andrew is doing a four-weeker for this batch for various and sundry reasons. So far, the overall reaction is positive. Hurray. But four weeks is a long time for a work to be up for critique. It just feels . . . I dunno, fatiguing to be under review for so long.

Received confirmation that I have been approved as a guest at Dragon*Con this year. It was a roundabout sort of confirmation. No one notified me about it (even though I know and work with these people!), but they sent an email to Matthew asking him to add my bio to the website as a guest. (Btw, cmpriest, if I hear word of any such roundabout notices about your guest status, I'll be sure to let you know!)

Also sent a name suggestion to the director of the Children's/YA lit. track, as she's been casting about for what to call her new track. She's been waffling between "Children's Lit" and "Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction," but both of the terms "Children's" and "Young Adult" mean something in the biz. They connote age ranges that publishers aim their titles at. I thought choosing just one would seem to preclude the other when really she means the whole array. I noticed that book publishers, when they have a children's/YA division, frequently call it "Books for Young Readers" to include the whole range. Ergo, my suggestion: "F/SF for Young Readers." So there, I've spent my two pennies.

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