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Back to basics

It's such a load off my mind, Matthew's surgery being over and whatnot. These last few weeks have been just plain Hellish.

I just found out that my work folks want me to fly back to Illinois in the middle of August for some training so I can transition to a new project. Sigh. I hate going back there. It's so dull and ugly. But on an up note, I do get to visit some dearly missed friends.

Current tally of critiques at Critters for "When Shakko Did Not Lie": 21. I might have a couple more trickle in before tomorrow's deadline.

Re-write already complete. Holding off for any last-minute final commentary. It's possible that someone might say something that I NEED to incorporate into the rewrite. Unlikely, but possible. And then off into the wide, wide world tomorrow. Good luck little story. Bon voyage.

"In the Voices of Innocents" will be up in the queue, hopefully, tomorrow. Andrew hasn't confirmed my MPC request, dammit. Urgh. On a timeline for this one too.

6000 words into "It's Only Springtime When She's Gone" and in the homestretch. Last scene, probably another 500 words. Coffee needed. I think I lost control of it in the middle. I suspect I can sheer off a couple hundred words in a rewrite. We'll see.

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