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Hobkin, skirts, writing

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Hobkin has problems understanding skirts. I wore a long skirt to work today, and all morning as I was swishing through the kitchen, making his breakfast and packing my lunch, he kept standing up on his hind legs trying to lean his front paws on the hem of it. But, of course, it just yielded under his weight, and he'd flop forward at my feet, often with a perplexed expression on his fuzzy face. Silly thing.

He fell asleep with me last night on the couch. Very deeply asleep. A couple times he rolled over so suddenly I had to lunge to catch him or he would've rolled right off the couch. And he started to snore once with his nose right next to my ear. He has a good life.

I need to take more pictures of him. But our digicam is so damn clunky. It's such a pain to get out. I need something sleek and svelte like the adorable camera cmpriest has. Covet covet covet.

I keep forgetting what day it is this week. Undoubtedly a common mind glitch on Monday-holiday weeks. The headache I've been sporting since lunch hasn't helped either.

Writing Stuff:

Wrote a review for the new Sci-Fiction story "Gliders Though They Be" by Carol Emshwiller for Tangent and sent it off to my editor. This is the second Emshwiller story I've reviewed, the first one being "On Display Among the Lesser," also in Sci-Fiction. Two stories from the same author in under two months. Ellen Datlow obviously likes her stuff.

Heard from the editor of Blood Lust, a UK gay erotica vampire anthology that I submitted a reprint to. My original submission was almost a year ago. I'd totally forgotten I'd sent it to them. They said they're still working on final selections. So I guess I'm still in the running.

Desperately engaging in Cricket Magazine Group rejectomancy. I've got two submissions with them cresting or over the all-important 100-day mark. The one at Cricket is going on 111 days, and the one at Cicada is just hitting 100. With only one exception, everything I've sent to either of those markets that's made it that long I ended up selling to them. I really could use another juicy sale to pick me up out of my funk. Well, actually I don't know if it'll get me out of it, but I'd be ecstatic for a bit, sure enough.

And finally, ring the bells and sound the trumpets! I cranked out 1200 words on a new fantasy piece. At last, I'm making writing progress once again. About slogging time.
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On June 2nd, 2004 02:12 pm (UTC), faerie_writer commented:
Good luck with the 'Cricket'/'Cicada' sales. Those two mags definitely pay well!

~Maggie :)
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On June 2nd, 2004 02:49 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
Thanks! I've got my fingers crossed. And my toes. And occasionally my eyes.
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On June 2nd, 2004 02:20 pm (UTC), lilithraevyn commented:
How is Hobkin as a pet?

I've had cats. But I'm really just ... I get tired of cats. They are too independent sometimes. I've thought about a ferret. But this is the second time this week that skunk-as-a-pet has been brought to my attention somehow.

Good luck with the writing endeavours! Maybe sometime soon I can start trying my hand at this - I should. Who knows.
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On June 2nd, 2004 02:57 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
"How is Hobkin as a pet?"

Skunks are excellent pets for some people, not so good for others. They're very needy, require a lot of attention, and are very high maintenance. Their diet alone requires a significant outlay in cost and time. Skunks require high-quality human grade food.

Skunks are also extremely affectionate, comical, and just plain lovable. They've got a lot of 'tude. But it's not the same sort of personality a cat or dog has. They can be bratty, but also incredibly sweet. On the intelligence scheme of things, I've found Hobkin to be smarter than ferrets.

Skunks are definitely not a pet to get into without a lot of research and time spent in the company of these critters, but Hobkin is just about the perfect companion animal for me in every way.

For more info about skunks as pets, I keep a website: Musta-lay-day Grove. There are also links to other skunk sites from there.
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On June 2nd, 2004 03:24 pm (UTC), lilithraevyn replied:
That's excellent, thank you!

I'm a firm believer in real research before getting ANY kind of pet.
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On June 2nd, 2004 03:00 pm (UTC), skeletal504 commented:
did you make that little writing icon? it's cute!

ha ha to hobkin...poor guy. my hamster has done similar things. he always gives me these wounded looks, as though i've somehow betrayed him by defying his perception.

i'm always excited to hear that you've made a sale. i guess it's just that writer thing... good luck! not that you need it, your words carry talent. ;)
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On June 2nd, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
"did you make that little writing icon? it's cute!"

Yep, thanks! I had altogether too much time on my hands! So I made a fleet of "writing" icons courtesy that abi-station icon-making website. Heh.
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On June 2nd, 2004 07:47 pm (UTC), gardenwaltz commented:
congrats on getting past the writer slump deal. i've got a raft of works to resubmit and i found the statistics you generated in excel very reassuring. now, if only i had time to bundle them all off for the post, let alone time and muse to write more.
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On June 5th, 2004 08:20 am (UTC), eugie replied:
"let alone time and muse to write more"

Time to write and accomplish writing tasks is a major juggling trick. Sometimes the "glue ass to chair" method is the only way!
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On June 2nd, 2004 10:31 pm (UTC), alijt commented:
Funny, I am glad to hear I am not the only one that has a skunk that is weird about skirts. Ever since Neo was a baby, he loves to run and play under my long skirts and dresses. The longer, the happier he is. His favorite thing to do when they are to the floor is to hide between my feet while I chop the daily veggies. He will run out of hiding and chase off the other skunks....it is quite cute! I am always happy to hear about Hobkin's adventures. Are you guys planning on coming to the show this year?
[User Picture]
On June 3rd, 2004 03:29 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
Neo hiding in your skirts sounds absolutely adorable! We're definitely planning on going to the show again this year. Last year's was so much fun! And I think it's good for Hobkin to get out and about more often, meet new skunks and all.
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On June 4th, 2004 07:26 am (UTC), alijt replied:
Whooo Hooo! I can't wait to see him again...Oh, and you and Matt, too. LOL! Hey, we will get to show in the same class. I did not realize he was a chip. Mocha is a choco chip as well, but nowhere even close to the beauty of Hobkin. Ooops, don't let her know I told you that. She seems to think she rules the nest around here now...Hee heeee
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On June 5th, 2004 08:21 am (UTC), eugie replied:
Oh, pshaw. Don't let Hobkin here you say such things about him. He's got a big enough ego. Talk about ruling the nest!
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