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June 1st, the middle of the year

We celebrated Hobkin's 2nd anniversary over the weekend. It's been two years now since the wee fuzzbump came to live with us. I can't imagine life without him.

Hobkin got Sara Lee carrot cake again, which he gobbled up enthusiastically, then went bouncing through the house on a skunky sugar buzz, before crashing out on my lap, paws and muzzle sticky with cream cheese icing. We also bought some summer peaches, which he's also quite enamored with. I gave him a slice with breakfast and watched him lick the plate clean, going after every last drop of peach juice.

The blackberries are beginning to ripen in the backyard. Matthew and I waded through the weeds and brambles and picked a dozen or so berries. It's still going to be a while before they really come in, but it promises to be a bumper crop. Those things really do take over quickly. And goodness they're pointy! Matthew paid his sacrifice of blood to the blackberry gods.

Writing Stuff:

Heard from the editor of Abyss & Apex that "Inside the Witch's Oven" is slated for part ii of issue #9, which is the very next issue. According to the website, part ii will be going up any time now, so I'm eagerly awaiting it. Also eagerly awaiting the contract and check.

Wrote maybe 100 words yesterday on a brand new SF short story concept. Normally that's not even enough to count as progress, but considering my current dry spell, I'm inclined to acknowledge any new wordage I can.

Also did a Critters critique. And fiddled around some more with Excel spreadsheets. Plugged in the numbers for the hardcopy submissions I've mailed out thus far in 2004. Total postage costs: just shy of $80. That's fairly comparable with last year's and 2002.

I feel terribly unproductive on the writing front. Makes me angry with myself.
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