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Funny Thing Happened

Had a lovely evening last night with newlyweds britzkrieg and rigel_kent. We went to the Shakespeare Tavern to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Much laughter, good food, and excellent company. I definitely needed that.

Hobkin was in a clingy mood when we got home and spent much of the night curled up with me. There's skunk fur everywhere as he's still shedding up a storm. This morning he was in a playful mood, and I have the welts on my arms to prove it. Pointy beastie.

Had some very vivid and disconcerting dreams last night. Nothing that I can remember clearly, except I was furious with my parents about something. Woke up with free-floating, unfocused irritation. Going to try to caffinate it out of my system.

Actually, overall I'm having some weird mood issues. I'm feeling disassociated and unmotivated in general. It's not enough to call "depressed" but I don't feel balanced or energized. I've been seriously procrastinating on everything and sleeping either too much or not enough. This might be one of those times where I just need to force myself to engage in activities I know I either ought to do, or that will help to jar me out of my funk.

And I haven't been writing anything, which royally pisses me off at myself. This nice long weekend and so far I haven't written a single word. Crap.

I did, however, fritter away an hour or so making a new icon from these folks.

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