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Fun with Excel

Had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist today. He agreed to finally wean me completely off the Prednisone. At last.

Had some major problems with my right contact lens at work today. Not sure what was wrong, but I couldn't tolerate the thing in my eye, so I took it out. Unfortunately, I didn't have either lens case or glasses with me, so I spent the last couple hours at work with 1.5 eyes. The drive home was . . . interesting. I was seriously considering sticking a post-it over my eye as an impromptu eye patch to at least give me some semblance of decent vision, but figured it wouldn't stay even if I did. And my eye still hurts. Ow.

Writing stuff:

Progress is not being made. Instead, I've been playing with Excel. I migrated all my MS Word logs to Excel spreadsheets, and then merrily ran stats on everything I could think of.

Submissions out: 33
Average # days waiting: 67

Genre/length Breakdown:
Fantasy short stories: 15
Horror short stories: 4
Science Fiction short stories: 6
Children's stories: 6
Book length works: 1
flash stories: 1

Sales: 30
Average # subs per story: 6
# sold on first trip out: 11
Rejections/sales ratio: 10/1
(For 2004: 5/1)

Fantasy: 3
Horror: 9
Science Fiction: 4
Children's: 6
Flash/Excerpts: 6
Reprints: 2

Total works (both out and sold): 61

Fantasy: 18
Horror: 13
Science Fiction: 10
Children's: 12
Flash/Excerpts: 7
Book length: 1

I need to quit putzing around with numbers and get some words written. Sheesh.
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