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The ASIM editor liked my changes to "Body and Soul Art." Next comes the contract and my final approval of the galley proof, and we're set. Issue #14 is slated to come out in August, and they're taking it to Boston for WorldCon. I'm going to have something at WorldCon! I won't be there, since it overlaps with Dragon*Con, but my story will be. I think that counts as another milestone.

Also up now at Tangent is the review I wrote of "The Best Christmas Ever" by James Patrick Kelly in Sci-Fiction.

And, as sobering offset to all the good news:
Received a rejection from Book of Dark Wisdom, although it was an awfully nice one: "I enjoyed your story and found it to be wonderfully clever. I apologize for holding it so long. It's been in the final reading pool. But, I regret that the magazine is unable to use it at this time. It is very hard for me NOT to accept this story. While it is very well written, it doesn't quite match the magazine's style.

"I do encourage you to submit work in the future. I look forward to reading it."

As rejections go, this one ranks among my top picks, although in many ways an "almost, oh so close" is so much more agonizing.

Out it goes again. *boot*
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On May 27th, 2004 02:49 pm (UTC), astralfire commented:
Rejection or not you made enough of an impression on them with the story that they held on to it, and put it in the final pool regardless of its compatibility with the magazine, to begin with.
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On May 27th, 2004 06:13 pm (UTC), faerie_writer commented:
Boy you *do* get good rejection letters!

~Maggie ;)

P.S. Congrats on the ASIM story!!
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On May 29th, 2004 12:28 am (UTC), eugie replied:
"Boy you *do* get good rejection letters! "

Oh, I assure you, I still get plenty of "Dear Writer" form rejects! But it is nice to get something personal, although not as nice as a sale .
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