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Friday recap

Waited an hour for the radiologist to spend less than a minute viewing my diaphragm via x-rays as I breathed. "Yup, it's working fine," she said. Sigh.

Watched The Last Samurai. I liked it. There was some truly beautiful cinematography, although I'm just not a big fan of Tom Cruise. I only really thought he was drool-worthy as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. The blond thing, maybe.

Got Laurell K. Hamilton's Seduced by Moonlight from in the mail. My guilty pleasure reading, rah! Although I'm not being drawn into this one as I have been some of her previous works. While I really like her darkly erotic scenes, I think I like them better when they frame a plot. So far, this one has been a bit too sex-heavy, if that's possible.

Writing stuff:


50-day "we won't be publishing this" from Glimmer Train. But this one was different from the forms I've received from them in the past. They said "It was a good read" as well as "we appreciate the opportunity to read your work." Now I'm wondering, is this a new form or is it what passes as a personal response from them?

Payment and file contract from the ELP Library for "My Courtship by Lord Magus: A Diary" and "The Adventures of Trina, Hackersprite</i>. I discovered when she mailed my file copy back that I had accidentally printed it out on the back of a printed page of another manuscript. Oops.

Confirmation that my editor at Tangent is still alive, and things will get moving again right soon.

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