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Groggy Wednesday

Forgot to set my alarm this morning, but I remembered to set the automatic coffee maker, which woke Hobkin when it went off, and his clamoring for breakfast eventually woke me, only ten or so minutes later than I would normally have awakened. An unintentional Goldberg alarm clock. I gave Hobkin an extra piece of bell pepper as thanks.

So I managed to get to work on time, although with brain packed in fog. One cup of coffee later and my eyelids no longer felt like they weighed a pound each, but I was definitely not at my best.

In totally unrelated peevage, my place of business plays the same muzak mix day in and day out, every day. For the most part, the selection doesn't make me want to pierce my eardrums with a highlighter marker, but even "timeless classics" begin to grate the fiftieth time I've heard them in a one month period. Ugh.

Writing stuff:

Wrote a review of Gregory Benford's "The First Commandment" at Sci-Fiction for Tangent. This is the second Benford story I've gotten to review. The first one was in the Spring 2004 issue of Oceans of the Mind. I'm still a bit wide-eyed at my own temerity.

Received my SFWA Bulletin in the mail. It looks like it may have exchanged insults with a farm thresher. The USPS is hard on loose magazines.

And . . . *drum roll* I pounded out 1500 new words on the vague, first person, present tense science fiction piece which is beginning to take shape. I even sketched out an outline of the story, so I've got a better idea of where I'm going with it. Progress!

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