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Skunk drinking, gas prices, and writing updates

Hobkin did something odd the other day. He doesn't drink water. We offer fresh water to him out of principle, but the most he's ever done is sniff it before walking away. This isn't that uncommon. A lot of skunks get all the liquid they need from the fruits and vegetables they eat. Actually, it's a warning sign of possible seizure if a pet skunk drinks copiously and frequently (pet skunks are becoming more prone to seizures due to inbreeding perpetuated by the biggest skunk mill where most of them come from.)

When I put a fresh bowl of water down for him yesterday, he sniffed it with greater interest than in the past. Then he stuck his paw in and licked the water off. He did this three times. So I'm thinking he was thirsty? But if he was, why didn't he just drink the water? It's not like he doesn't know how to lap up liquid. I've seen him go after milk and other non-water beverages before.

Weird beastie.

But happily, he seems better. He's eating with appetite, although he's a bit skittish. Yesterday we had a garage repair person come by to look at our broken opener (it needs a new gear piece . . . pfft) and every time a door open or closed, Hobkin's tail went straight up and he went tearing off to hide under his hutch. Poor little guy.

Had to fill up the gas tank in my trusty Honda this morning. $1.90/gallon! And that's low compared to the country average. Part of me grumbles at the higher prices, but another part of me can't help but chortle when I think of how much all the SUV and minivan drivers are having to pay at the pump. The popularity of those road behemoths really annoys me. They're frivolous, decadent, ridiculously fuel inefficient, impossible for people in cars to see around, and far too frequently, they give their drivers a sense of invincibility which translates into aggressive driving.

If people need a large vehicle in the course of their business or other life situation, then it's one thing. But all too often (the majority of the time) I only see a single person--the driver--in one of these monster vehicles. What a waste!

I think they've got a good system in the U.K. Gas prices there are way higher than here, and consequently, people drive cute little fuel efficient, sensible cars.

Writing stuff:

To offset the sale to Abyss & Apex yesterday:
116-day "no, but please send more" from Space and Time.
156-day "no, and please only send us one submission at a time" from Space and Time (oops).
38-day form no from Amazing Stories.

Out they go again. *kick*

Also heard from the editor of the Eggplant Literary Productions Library that my excerpt "My Courtship by Lord Magus: A Diary" will be going up in September, and the check for it and "The Adventures of Trina, Hackersprite" are cut and on the way to me. That'll even pay for my tank of gas.

And I'm glad I thought to double-check the email I got from Neo-opsis. The "if you haven't heard from us then query again" date was actually the 19th, not the 17th. Tomorrow, not yesterday. Oopsie. Glad I held off on querying.

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