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Tech stuff, finicky skunk

Went to CompUSA yesterday and bought a Cable/DSL router. Both our computers are now networked to the Internet, but still not to each other. @#!$& Not one for either hardware or networking, I let Matthew fiddle with it for several hours. He managed to get our old system to acknowledge that yes, a network existed, but our new computer would have nothing to do with it.

Uppity computers. What next?

I'm also quite concerned about Hobkin. He's really off his feed. Turned up his nose at both his midnight snack and breakfast. I gave him some of his anti-nausea meds and coaxed him to eat a little Pepto Bismol on bread, but he's turned his nose up at every veggie I've offered him as well as a veggie biscuit. I did get him to eat a couple peanuts, and a bit of hard boiled egg, but he needs to get more fluids into him. Going to let a little time pass for the meds to kick in, then going to try hand feeding again.

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