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An even keel?

Quiet night. Hobkin has shown no signs of tummy upset these last couple nights, thankfully. Although he has insisted upon me lying on the couch, serving as his own personal cushion, and he sulks if I don't comply. He is so spoiled. But when he sprawls with his belly up and all four paws in the air, I go all gushy and can't put him down. At least last night I had the foresight to get myself organized with my laptop so I was able to get some work done as he flopped on me.

Writing stuff:

Got five more critiques from Critters before my story rolled off this week's queue. I was feeling pretty confident with my rewrite and actually thinking of packaging it up last night to send out, but thought "I might get a few more crits trickling in. I can wait another day." Boy, am I glad I did. One of the last crits to come in pointed out a typo that I, Matthew, and twenty-four other readers had missed. Yikes. But now, really and truly, it's ready. I think. Out it goes!

Received an "open letter to our authors" from the Phobos Books editor. I don't know what information contained in that email is supposed to be public, so I'm not going into details here, but the upshot is that they're releasing a bunch of manuscripts they've been holding, including a novelette of mine they've sat on for over a year. I don't think I've done more than glance at that story in two years. I opened it up to see if I wanted to do anything to it before sending it out again.

Holy Mother of Bob!

I lopped off three hundred words in the first pass alone. Apparently I've learned a lot about writing tighter in the last couple years. So, yay, I've got proof that I'm improving as a writer. But there's a certain trepidation I have about opening files of older stories to read through again, especially the ones I've sold that are waiting for publication. Will I cringe when I see them? I hope not.

Anyhoo, did several more passes and the novelette, now at short story length (barely), is ready to go out again. *shove*

And finally, here's a bit of blurbage from C. Dennis Moore's review of Ascendancy of Blood from The Swamp:

"Foster’s got this style, this way of phrasing that makes you forget that you know what’s going to happen, and instead get lost in the flow of her words . . . . She’s a very good writer and I hope we start to hear a lot more from her."


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